New Year, Fresh New ME

If you are one of those looking for a ‘New Year, New Start’ mentality you might want to look away now!


Gone are my days of starting the new year with a brush the old under the carpet and start again attitude, instead i am going to for the very grown up approach (if i may say so myself) of just bettering the current me.

Why should you forget about the years that have built you into the person you are today? Good or bad, they make us stronger. Don’t loose sight of who you are, but have a fresh new approach to the year ahead and most importantly live life to the full.

For me, starting this blog is my way of fighting the conformity culture and just expressing some of what makes me happy, i hope that this will inspire a few others to simply be themselves and put the enjoyment of life first (Trust me you will thank me for it one day!).