An Unboxing: Spring Ready Make-Up

As bright lips and healthy, dewy skin are sweeping the nation as staple spring trends for this spring season, i turned to Illamasqua for the perfect additions to my already bulging make up bag.

This amazing company never fails to amaze me, from the meticulous packaging to the cruelty free testing and environmental sustainability, you cannot go wrong with investing in this luxury beauty brand.

Before unwrapping the delicate packaging i knew i would love the contents, i had spent hours online looking through the array of products that this fabulous brand offers. The thing i love about shopping online from luxury brands is the care and attention they take to packaging the items before shipping.

The new ‘Highlights from Beyond’ range features two of the most gorgeous baked highlighting powder colours. Whether you are looking for a delicate champagne glow or a bronze shimmer you will be sure to love these versatile highlighters. I sweep a stroke over my cheekbones and collarbones for the perfect illuminating finish, or why not dampen and use over the eyelids for a high impact shadow.

Discover your ‘Veil’ with the bestselling range of primers that have been meticulously designed for any skin type. Opting for the Hydra Veil, this unusual primer both primes and hydrates for the ultimate in dewy finishes.

Great make up is down to the preparation and good foundation, i have, like many been though plenty of brand and types of foundation and i have settled down to a few go to Skin Base being one of them. I have a tenancy to opt for a slightly warmer tone than my natural skin colour and I opt for a Skin Base Mixer to adapt my shade through the seasons.

A few other essentials and my spring make up additions are complete.


How do you mix up your make up bag through the seasons?


Scents and Sensibility

When you think of iconic fragrances i bet you immediately think of the likes of Chanel number 5, Dior Diorissimo or Jean Paul Gaultier Classique. But the ultimate iconic fragrance is so personal to you and i am keen to share with you some of my favourites.

Whether you are a girl who has one scent that you have used forever or one who simply mixes it up to match your mood, it is so important to find your signature style. But it is important to remember that a fragrance smells different on individuals, so what works for one might not be right for another.

Not only are all mine pink in colour but they all have that similar floral undertone.

Chanel Chance Eau Vive

This zesty floral fragrance of this Eau de Toilette is one of those i can always turn to, the long lasting scent will get me through any busy day in the office.

The very appealing round bottle sits beautifully on my dressing table and is synonymous with the Chance range.

The great thing about the Chance range is the varying fragrances, if this one is not for you (as i know floral isn’t for everyone) you will be sure to find the perfect fragrance for you within the range of four styles.

Range: around £50-55 for 50ml

Miss Dior

Well the cute bottle of this Eau de Toilette is a winner for me, and encases the most beautiful of scents. Its citrus notes combined with a floral undertone make for a lovely timeless perfume.

Again if this one isn’t for you, there are a few others in the Miss Dior collection that might be more suitable, so why not give them a go.

Range: around £50 for 30ml

Dior La Colle Noire

This has to have fast become one of my all time favourites! Having just about got over the price of this Eau de Parfam i opted to purchase it in the sale at Harrods and my goodness i am now so pleased that i did.

Named after the Château de La Colle Noire, this rececent addition to the Christian Dior range is fast becoming an iconic fragrance.

This scent based on spices, woods, amber and musks makes for an intense smell that is not over sweet.

Range: £200 for 125ml

The key is to find the fragrance that is personal to you, make sure to try before you buy and to take your time to let the scent sink in.

Have you got a go to scent?