A Preview Evening for the Velar

I was lucky enough to be invited on Wednesday evening to a preview evening for the highly anticipated Range Rover Velar. When it arrives on roads in September, the Velar will form the fourth pillar of Range Rover’s collection and marks a highly technical step forward for the brand.

Upon arriving at Range Rover Stafford we were kindly greeted by the friendly and helpful dealers and staff were offered drinks and canapes and allowed to potter through the showroom.

With stunning design and refined style the Velar R-Dynamic of course took centre stage. The first thing that hit me about this beautiful car was its clean lines and sheer technology advances from previous models. The rose gold (yes i know every bloggers dream colour!) accents on the bumper and vents really made this car stand out from the rest.

I have to admit i am a bit of a sucker for car showrooms, the clean lines and envious cars in the dealership along with the colour selections wall…i could loose myself for hours.